To Assist the Future of the Publishing Company

Toyokuni Printing Co., Ltd. has done the suitable technical innovation in the history from its foundation in 1946.

As a company assisting the production of Kodansha groups, having produced text books, manga and magazines, we are also approaching the production of E-books and digital marketing tools recently.

Since more than ten years have passed after the beginning of the 21st century, consumer needs have been changing slowly but certainly. Readers are shopping around for the content which matches their needs in vast information.
We are facing indistinguishable and borderless world everywhere.

We support publishers’ business condition, promoting further cooperation with other publishing companies in the era of the revolution of the publishing industry. We are aiming to help you to produce a product what readers need.

"Language will invent the future"
We express it and contrive a publishing production with publishers. We can realize with improved usability by means of paper books or E-books, and in Japanese or in any languages.

We will accumulate higher knowledge and skill with this conviction.
Will you work with us to achieve a product more than excellent?
We can coordinate your future.

President, CEO
Koji Hirota